Reach the Unsaved, Teach the Saved and Preach the Family

Hence our vision is Proclamation of Gospel to expand His kingdom and strengthen the saints with Healthy Word of God and built the model Christian families

My Mission Statement : With my Preaching and Teaching gifts I will bring people from the society to Church through evangelism they and their families will be blessed with the Word, so that they will go to the society to bring more people to the Church again through evangelism only.

Reach the Unsaved : India is a very largest secular state in the world; its population is more than 10,000 millions. Gospel came to India in first century it self through Our Master’s two disciples Thomas and Bartholomew, our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru said in the Parliament House that “Christianity is as old in India as it is in the World”, but unfortunately Indian people thinks this is new religion brought by English Man 200 years back. But the saddest thing is 2000 years of proclamation of Gospel made only 2% of population to become Christians. India has all types of human race, this you will not find any where in the world, basically we are Asians. Though India is secular country our Government practices and performs Hindu faith and traditions. That is the reason some Hindu fanatics and some Christian leaders wanted Indianization of Gospel which is unbiblical which in turn in filter the Church in India. Apart from Hinduism we have Islam, Judaism (the world’s oldest synagogue is in India), Zorastanism (popularly known as Parsi which means Persia), Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, Sikhism, Jainism and Christianity and many more religions. Hence reaching India is a BIG CHALLENGE. Apart from this in some of our states banned Christian Gospel by Anti conversion bill.

Teach the Saved : Roman Catholicism and Seventh Day Adventist (RC teaches against the Christian Orthodox teaching: of course SDA is cult) are considered as Christianity here, because people are not interested in the Scriptures. So it is easy to deceive in the name of Christ. The major cults like Jehovah’s Witness, Church of Christ of Later day Saints are working hard to lead the Christians in to astray. Apart from these cults there is wrong doctrines taught and practiced by churches which confuses not only Christians but also other religious people. That’s why Christians are not growing in the Word and non Christiana are not accepting Christ. As a Bible Teacher I personally taught 100′s of Pastors and it is very sad to say majority of them doesn’t know the basic doctrines of Christianity and worst is they did not know how to interpret, preach the Word of God. If this is the condition of majority of the Pastors just think about the laymen. This is my burden to aware the people about the preciousness of Scriptures and also let them know what they believe.

Preach the Family : The basic unit of a church is family; generally we will ask pastors how many families you have in your Church? As written in Titus 1:11 the Church instead of building the families it is ruing the family through wrong doctrines. Many families are just for the sake family they are living like family but there is no peace, bliss in the family. A Christian family must be an example before the world. Our desire is every family must echoed with Joshua 24: 15.