Great Commission Bible Collage (GCBC) is a Divine’s Gift to Lay Pastors and Tribal Pastors through Great Commission Baptist Ministries India. This course is specially designed for Lay and Tribal Pastors who cannot afford to attend the Bible College due to lack of basic educational qualification, financial problems and also due to existing Church ministry, which did not allow them to attend College for three to four years. Hence it’s a tailor made program for them, which provide them healthy doctrine and protect them from wrong teachings. It is divided into 5 modules and each module for six days for once in a three months. The total span of program is 15 Months. We give them 190 hours of class room training, 15 hours of practical demonstration in church worship and 300 hours of practical training in the field. This is free course, we provide them Food, accommodation and notes for which we are not charging any money from them. We thank God for giving us faculty, who are giving best teaching with exemplary Christian Life. Our training centre is at Hyderabad.


  • 1. Introduction to Ministry
    • a. Child Evangelism.
    • b. Personal Evangelism.
    • c. Full fledged explanation of Great Commission.(BME)

  • 2. Introduction to Bible.
    • a. The Story of the Bible ( Reliability of Bible)
    • b. OT Bird’s Eye View
    • c. NT Bird’s Eye View
    • d. Introduction to Biblical Doctrines

  • 3. Introduction to Self Discipline.
    • a. Time Management
    • b. Quiet Time
    • c. Goal Setting