He is born and brought up in a Non Christian family. He Accepted Christ in 2003 and God called him in to ministry in 2010. His is a Bachelor. He is working in Gumadam Village, population is 6000 and Christian population is 200 with 02 Churches. His Church Congregation is 75 Members.all his members are Hindu Convorts.

About His Ministry

He is living in rented house with his parents and paying Rs 1500/ ($30)per month. His monthly house hold expenditure will be Rs 15,000/ ($300), out of which Rs 2,500/ ($50/) is being met by the GCBC mother Church.

1. For his health and finance for his Daughters treatment. 2. Pray for the Compliation of Church building Construction at Dorakenipadu, Needs Rs 100000/-($ 2000) . 3. Pray for the outreach ministry. He is covering 3 villages with Gospel. 4. PPray for his Financial Needs, 5.His Daughter's Medical Bill Rs 8000/- Per Month. 6.Food & Other Family Needs Rs 15000/- Per Month.

Prayer Request

  • 1. Needs a Vehical for Village Ministry.
  • 2. Pray for His Marrage
  • 3. For the health of both Parents, Convertion of his father
  • 4. Meet the Family needs
  • 5. Place for Construction of a Church Building.