He is Born and brought up in a Christian family. He is blessed with Wife Grace, Son Methuselah and Daughter Paramjyothi. Parijellipeta population is 1500 and Christian population is 100 with 4 Churches He is constructing a Church building in a 150 yards plot which was donated by the local land lord who is his church member. For the Construction the sanctuary will be cost Rs 1,00,00/($2000/) Since he is going simple with poles as side walls and metal sheets as roof.

About His Ministry

He is living in rented house and paying Rs 1800/($36/) per month. His monthly house hold expenditure will be rs 20,000/ ($400/), out of which rs 2,500/ ($50/) is being met by GCBC mother Church. For Children education Rs 5000/ ($100) per month His congregation is about 30 people, majority of them are iliterates.

Prayer Request

  • 1. Completion of the Church building
  • 2. Growth of the Congretion
  • 3. For the health of both wife and husband
  • 4. Educatioin of the Children
  • 5. Meet the Family needs