Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I praise God to share my testimony with you. God saved me from a non-Christian (Hindu) family in 1978. I was born in a Hindu family. We use to worship idols in our house. I was totally blind by birth, my eyes were operated 6 times before my age of 2 years, but I didn’t received sight, at this movement someone told my mother to attend a church. She started praying & attending Church; I was operated 7th time… got left eye 40% vision, I Praise God for allowing me to see His wonderful creation, there are Millions of blind people in this world.

I lost my father in 1977, one of my mother’s Collogues led her to Christ. I accepted Christ on 6th June 1978, and Baptised immediately. From that day onwards …I’m in his mighty hands, I got married with Rama Devi, my better-half in 1990, really she is a wonderful gift from Lord, we are blessed with 2 children…here the wonder is both of them are born blind but Lord’s grace gave vision after undergoing operations.. Today… whatever they are … they are THE GRACE OF THE LORD.

I really grateful to God for not only saving me and my family but also giving us great VISION , that is I wants to reach Maximum Number of villages with Gospel by sending 25 Missionaries to plant Maximum Number of Churches and win them completely for the Lord, So far He enabled us to Stand with 11 Missionaries and to support 08 Missionaries through which we are able to plant 20 Churches and reached 45 villages in different Districts of Andhra Pradesh ( in Andhra Pradesh we have 23 Districts & 38.000 Villages)…06 Missionaries are doing their ministry in Tribal Areas in Six Villages so they need Sponsors to support them. This is my heart desire for the Lord, for this mission I need sponsors to support by praying, & to support Financially…

In His Grace
Rev.Jagadeesh Kumar Mutakani.